Fun Cakes- Birthday Events

These cakes are the most time consuming and detailed 
but I really enjoy creating them.

white modeling chocolate figured hand sculpted to resemble birthday boy.

14" round double layered cake with buttercream and
 piping gel, brown sugar sand with fondant details!

Treasure chest cake was constructed of 12" x 6" cake
covered in fondant lid of chest was foam wrapped in fondant with 
handpainted fondant details and a few toys and candy fr treasure

woodgrain details hard to see but very detailed.

matching cupcakes vanilla and chocolate buttercream with 
handcrafted fondant toppers

 My recent large order was a Rodeo Hoedown theme which included 50 cupcakes, fondant decorations of a hat and camp girl boots, and fondant pewder letters, and a haybale cake as well! Yes everything was edible!
Each cupcake was decorate with handmade fondant silver sheriff badges or horseshoes each painted and personalized for birthday girl.

 The fondant boots were imaged after birthday girls real boots: camo pink trim Cowgirl style! Turned out too cute for words!
 the platform was a finishing touch on the buttercream haybale and fondant wildflowers...
 an upclose look at the cowgirl hat with mini badge and fondant camo boots!

A "simple" ( as I never do simple) buttercream 8' round 2 tiered cake with super-dad logo and fondant tools.
Sheet cake with chocolate buttercream and handpainted
 personalized  fondant person and car. for his 18th birthday.
Upclose view of painted face.

30th birthday Retro cake- 80s childhood
Airbrushed purse cake with fondant shoes and shoebox

Fondant covered with handpainted logo, and toy toppers.

Buttercream bottom tier with handpainted characters, and fondant hat.

Logo painted fondant dump truck.

Alice in wonderland with Cheshire cat teapot and Mad hatter hat.

8th makeover party with 3d number.
fondant 2d details on side of makeover party cake

3 tier Movie star cake with fondant.

3rd birthday Racing hotwheels cake, toy cars added later.
Small jello topped pool party.
Buttercream, and cookies.
Roller derby birthday with buttercream and fondant details,

Rollerskate was made with rice krispy and fondant
Large sheet cake pool with buttercream and gumball accents

Sweet 16 fondant 

Flower basket with edible butterflies and fondant flowers:
 pansies, daisies, poppies, rosebuds, blue astras. Ribbon name banner
basket is chocolate buttercream (this view shows the butterfly detailed)

white basket weaver buttercream with fondant blackeyed susans

Construction cake with fondant details and toy trucks

large sheet cake Ipod fondant and Airbrushed

lego cake buttercream and toys

Magician birthday with buttercream and handmade fondant details

Oreo buttercream cake

Extra large 50th sheet cake for retro 1960s-
Ponyland sheet cake fondat with rice Krispy rainbow
and small 6" round floating cloud. Toys added

Polka dots and ribbons swirls 

hand painted Pooh on fondat with strawberry banana filled cake.

Princess cake with princess pillow: Sleeping beauty. Crown is fondant as well

Fondant Pumpkin cake, rice Krispy stem

buttercream with colorflow flowers

skatepark with airbrushed flames and words on fondant cake

buttercream with black beadboarder and sugarsheets

80th teapot handpainted english rose cake with larger tablecover cake below.

Thomas the train cake with fondant details on side and 3d train on top

Wizard of oz cake shoes this was made with my aunt Tammy of back in New York
Angry birds cake with fondant characters and 6' buttercream filled fondant cake

Angey birds cake and cupcakes

Chocolate fondant treasure chest with toy coins.

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