I had my wedding cake as well as my baby shower cake done by Sommer & Tammy. They really did a fantastic job on my tuxedo meets a wedding dress cake I would say. The three tear white fondant cake draped with silk black ribbon was everything I could have ever wanted for my wedding cake. The vanilla cake was so moist it melted in your mouth and just made you want to eat every last bit while still going back to get more only complimented her light whipped vanilla frosting under the fondet. It had to be the creamiest, yet light frosting I had ever had. And I have even had a few people tel me that even after a year of being frozen it is still the best cake to eat. It hasn't been a year so I don't know, but ill have to let you know after that date happens. 
Now my baby shower cake Sommer did for me with such love and kindness, ill never forget it. She took the time to have me over to her house to hear my ideas. I was naming my son Noah, so i had to incorporate that with the cakes decor, however I didnt want to have the normal boat animal look, so knowing I love argyle we looked at some patterns and Sommer said she could work her magic with what we had discovered during our time together. It turned out absolutely adorable! It was like she knew what I had wanted all along. 20th century meet Noah's Ark! Perfect! I would have any cake done by Sommer. You will have the security of knowing your cake will be done with love and thoughtfulness. Your cake will be the talk of the party for years to come! - Samanatha Bowler

I heard about Sommer from another cake lady that couldn't fit me in for my wedding. To get a recommendation from her I knew the cake was going to be great. I had no idea that she'd be able to fit me in a month before the wedding and have a meeting with me about what I wanted. She was very well prepared, I had never had an experience like it. She made sure the cake was at the location, 45 minutes away, on time and it looked and taste amazing! Everyone loved it! The little bit of left overs didn't last long. I would recommend her to anyone!- Emmy Martin

Sommer is very creative and has made several wonderful themed cakes for us, including cupcake tiers. Would highly recommend her to anyone! - Tammy Day


Sommer made me a baby shower cake a safari theme cake, The giraffe was so big come to find out it was made out of rice krispie treats covered in fondant my favorite. The cake was so moist and delicious, if I was in the area still I would so get from her again. Made a wonder gift/suprise/cake....Was too cute to eat.. -Melissa Pierce

Sommer's son played little league with my son last year. At the end of the season she brought an amazing "baseball diamond" cake to share with us all. Not only was the detail gorgeous, but it tasted wonderful, too!! Highly recommended!!!!! She is the BEST!!!! - Sara Luther

Sommer's cake's are works of edible art with painstaking attention to minute details She is a true craftsmen in the art of cake making She excels in what she does each cake is a treat for the eyes and the tummy - Mary Mack

  • I've been friend's with the Allen family for a long time and for my last birthday before i left for college Sommer made an amazing basketball cake for my party. Even made a laker's jersey out of icing. The most delicious gift i have ever gotten haha. -Daniel Morales

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